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Physiotherapy – Pilates – Psychology

// Who are we?

At Higher Function, located in Canberra City (Civic), we help people reach their potential emotionally and physically. Improving your health, wellness and fitness is our mission. We provide guidance to help you take on challenges, achieve functional goals, and overcome barriers. Our professional evidence-based knowledge and experience in Physiotherapy, Pilates and Psychology,  allows us to work with you in tailoring a range of therapies to meet your needs and achieve the best outcomes. READ MORE…

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: Group Program

  Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or ‘pre-diabetes’? Has your doctor told you to improve your fasting blood sugar levels? Are you trying to stay away from medications for insulin resistance?  ...

Do you sit for more than 8 hours per day ?

  Did you know, studies show that prolonged sitting and periods of inactivity contribute to serious medical conditions?   Clinical Pilates not only makes you feel good, but it teaches you how to improve and...

Directional Preference

Directional preference   Many patients suffering from back or neck pain, with or without referred pain, will clearly exhibit a “direction preference” when repeated movement and/or static positioning are applied to the spine. This means...