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Independent Gym Sessions /

Your Independent Gym Program is designed specifically for you by your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist using evidence based therapeutic exercises. Your tailored programme uses our gym and Pilates equipment (Reformer, trapeze table, Wunda chair, Bosu and more).

An Initial Assessment followed by 2 set-up sessions will ensure you are performing your prescribed exercises correctly and confidently during your future unsupervised sessions. Review and update your program with your therapist every 10 sessions (approx.)

Independent Gym sessions ONLY $15.30 PER SESSION (sold as package of 10 sessions, $153.00). Not claimable from Private Health Funds.

We also offer Semi-Private Group Therapy, to do your Specific Individual Exercise Program Supervised by a Physiotherapist  (up to 3 patients only with 1 Physio). $55.00 per hour session, which can be claimed from Private Health Funds.

Independent Gym sessions must be booked; please contact Reception for more information.

Janet Fabbri