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Remedial Massage Therapy


There are many reasons why you might have massage therapy or choose to have regular treatments.

Living with pain can be extremely stressful physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you experience muscular or skeletal pain it can really affect your day to day life, it may disturb your working life, social like, and also often affect your sleep. This will influence your mood, energy levels and general quality of life.

Most conditions for pain are caused by injury, overuse or underuse of a group of muscles, tendons or ligaments by using and moving our bodies repetitively in unnatural ways that will deplete or constrict muscles and joints causing muscle wastage, tightness or stagnation.

Once one area of the body becomes imbalanced it can impact other areas negatively, including muscle groups, fascia, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Massage is tremendously beneficial and can reduce symptoms by relaxing the tension in the muscles, stimulating the flow of blood through the muscles, breaking down and eliminating toxins, enhancing oxygenation of the brain and relaxing the nervous system and mind. Feelings of deep relaxation and calm occur because the massage prompts the release of Endorphins, the brain chemicals (neuro-transmitters) that produce feelings of wellbeing. Levels of stress hormones – such as Adrenalin, Cortisol and Norepinephrine are also reduced. Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones impair the immune system.

Please contact our friendly reception staff for more information and to book an appointment. Massage Therapist is available Wed, Thurs Fri.

Appointment Types:

Remedial, Sports, Deep Tissue and Relaxation treatments available

60 Minutes

45 Minutes

30 Minutes


*Claimable on most Private Health Funds




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