Golf Fit Classes*. Play for longer, with less pain.

By Sam Catherall – Exercise Physiologist 


All golfers are trying to achieve the same goal, hit the ball further and be more consistent.

Often, we rely on easy or quick solutions to the ever-present task, by purchasing the newest equipment, trying new swing tips, or investing in lessons. The game is simple in theory: get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. It seems simple, but anyone who plays golf realises the complexity of the game far beyond this objective. Everyone has good and bad days, and the game can be incredibly rewarding when you perform to your full potential.

Recently, the role of golf specific fitness is gaining some traction, with professionals beefing up in the gym so they can carry their tee shots further than their competitors. Gaining 15kg and lifting heavy weights is not a cookie cut performance fix for everyone, but looking at your fitness, which is individualised, can be the first step to improving you golfing endurance and performance.


Improving overall fitness can have a drastic effect on your golfing ability.

Mobility, strength, and balance training can improve your clubhead speed and add distance to your shots. Given the repetitive nature of golf, addressing muscle imbalances and muscle control can significantly reduce your risk of injury – something no golfer wants to experience.

Are you experiencing pain that is inhibiting your ability to enjoy your round? Are you struggling to get your body into positions that help maximise consistency and distance? Or maybe you just want to move better and feel better after 18 holes. Any leaks in your golf swing could be attributed to a break in the kinematic chain, the sequencing of the hips, trunk, arms and finally the golf ball.


Golf Fit can help you! 🏌️‍♂️

Golf Fit is Higher Function’s newest exercise class led by Exercise Physiologist and golf enthusiast Sam Catherall and may be exactly what you need to improve your golf fitness. Sam’s classes will focus on stability, strengthening and flexibility, to help you enjoy the game for longer. Sam will sit down with you for an individualised 1hr assessment to discuss your golf and specific biomechanical, fitness, and health goals. This process will ensure that you see tangible results that correlate between the gym and the golf course!


Who is Golf Fit for?

Golfers! You do not need to be a fantastic golfer to be a part of Golf Fit. This exercise class is designed for anyone who loves golf and wants their body to be in the best condition for success on and off the course. Whether you have the goal to increase distance, improve your mobility, play without pain, or reduce your risk of injury, this exercise class is for you.



What is an Exercise Physiologist (EP)? EPs are University qualified health professionals– They are experts in chronic condition management and keep up to date with the latest research to formulate exercise prescription for safe and effective physical activity.

I am Injury prone (back pain, Knee replacement, Blood Pressure, overuse injuries) … can I still participate? Absolutely! EPs are experts in musculoskeletal assessment, chronic condition management, pain management. Your injuries and health conditions will be discussed during your Initial Assessment.

How are the sessions delivered? A mixture of matwork, body weight and handheld weights in a group based “follow me” group class.

When are the classes? Tuesdays 9am – 10am and Thursdays 12pm – 1pm

How much does it cost?
Initial Assessment – $100
Casual class – $30
Term package – $275 (one class per week for 10 weeks)
Term package – $550 (two classes per week for 10 weeks)

*Claimable from most Private Health Insurers. Confirm with your PHI. Claimable as Exercise Physiology: Initial Assessment (item code 102), Class (item code 202).

Check out these 4 simple exercises that golfers (or anyone) can do at home to stay mobile while the golf courses are closed during lockdown.

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