Low Bone density causes brittle bones and a high risk of fractures

By Andrea Rich – Physiotherapist

It is estimated that 1.2 million Australian’s are living with Osteoporosis.

In Osteoporosis, bones become thin and brittle are more susceptible to fracture. This is because bones are losing minerals at a faster rate than the body can replace them.  Treatment involves promoting physical activity as well as medication use to strengthen bones and prevent fractures.

The National Osteoporosis Society in 2018 released a statement promoting ‘Strong, Steady and Straight’ exercise for Osteoporosis, and this is what it means:

Strong: Exercises that can promote bone strength. This includes exercises performed in weight bearing that are impact exercises such as walking, dancing and running. This also includes exercises that strengthen muscles such as resistance and weighted exercises. Impact exercises are to be at a lower level for people with previous fracture.

Steady: Exercises that can help to reduce the risk of falls and resulting fractures. These include balance exercises and strengthening exercises to improve stability.

Straight: Safe exercise techniques and avoid sustained and repetitive exercises. Exercises to improve back muscle strength and posture. Exercises should be supervised if unsure of correct technique.

Recommendations around exercise also include being a graded increase over time to as high intensity as tolerated. Someone with Osteoporosis is unlikely to fracture during resistance or impact exercise, rather they are likely to fracture due to a fall because of loss of bone density.

‘Strong Bones’ is a group class held at Higher Function for adults with low bone density and the exercises performed in the class are formed around the recommendations above.  Call us today for more information and to book in with our experienced Physiotherapists for a full musculoskeletal assessment prior to the class. Claimable from most Private Health Insurers.




National Osteoporosis Society, 2018

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