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Clinical Exercise Classes

Our Clinical Exercises Classes* are not just for fitness, but are designed specifically to target your musculoskeletal problems. This may be to reduce pain and tightness, and to strengthen and stabilise specific parts of the body. Current research proves that body areas that have been injured can lose stability, which can lead to muscle spasm, causing pain and tightness. Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists have training in Clinical Pilates from DMA Clinical Pilates, and  The Pilates Institute of QLD ( who are Physiotherapists) and some exercises are influenced by Pilates, as well as Physiotherapy.

You must have a musculoskeletal Assessment with a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist here, before starting Clinical Exercise Classes.

Clinical Exercise Classes, is therapy run in small groups taught by physios and exercise physiologists:


  • Max. 9 people
  • Using stability equipment and small apparatus – foam roller, balance discs, Pilates ring, Theraband, weighted balls


  • Max. 4 people
  • Pilates Reformer – Improve strength, flexibility and stability through ‘flowing’ movements. Resistance from pulleys, springs and small apparatus (weight balls, Pilates rings, theraband) gives the Pilates Reformer the opportunity to target specific muscle groups as well as full body challenges

Semi Private Group

  • Max. 3 people
  • Your therapist will create an individually tailored programme using evidence based exercises
  • Your programme can include exercises using our studio equipment – Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Wunda Chair, Bosu & more
  • Work through your individual programme supervised by a physiotherapist.

Independent Gym Sessions

  • Your therapist will create an individually tailored programme with evidence based exercises using our studio equipment – Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Wunda Chair, Bosu & more.
  • Have 2 ‘Set Up’ sessions with your therapist to ensure correct understanding of exercises and use of equipment
  • Book a time in our studio that suits you, to complete your programme on your own!
  • Independent Gym Sessions are unsupervised and are not claimable from Private Health Insurers. Your Initial Assessment and 2 Set up sessions are claimable.

Prenatal and Postnatal

  • Small group class, prenatal and postnatal combined
  • A combination of Matwork and Reformer
  • Bring bub along and enjoy ‘kiss ups’ our variation on push ups!

Strong Bones

  • Designed specifically for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • A circuit style class with specific evidence-based exercises to improve bone density
  • Incorporates strength training, mobility and balance exercises to improve overall mobility, bone strength and prevent falls

Strength for Life

  • Strength for Life is an ACT Govt Funded programme run by Council on the Ageing (COTA). This progressive training program designed to improve the participant’s strength, balance, coordination and endurance
  • Read more about Strength for Life HERE

Snow Fit (seasonal)

  • We hear you snow bunnies! Our Snow Fit Programme operates alongside Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports, to deliver a 6 -8 week programme target specifically to build strength and endurance for skiers and boarders
  • Improve strength, stability and flexibility
  • Focus on plyometrics and balance training to improve control, carving, efficiency and agility
  • prevent injuries

Classes are claimable from most Private Health Insurance Funds.


The APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) states that:

“Physio sessions are a mixture of clinically appropriate exercises, which may include exercises delivered on Pilates equipment or exercises drawn from Pilates that target their particular needs. Physios deliver these exercises within an evidence-based and therapeutic framework, rather than purely for fitness.”
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