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Clinical exercise classes

Reduce pain and tightness and stabilise your core.

Our personalised Clinical Exercise Classes (formerly Clinical Pilates) are not just for fitness but designed specifically to target your musculoskeletal problems in a safe way. They are run in small groups and are taught by our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. Scientific research proves that injured areas of the body can lose stability, which can lead to muscle spasms, causing pain and tightness.

Our Clinical Exercise Classes safely improve:

  • Strength through range of movement
  • Flexibility
  • Core stability
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Pain

Our classes are a mixture of clinically appropriate exercises focusing on correct movement patterns, including exercises delivered on Pilates equipment or exercises drawn from Pilates that target your particular needs. We provide these exercises within an evidence-based and therapeutic framework rather than purely for fitness.

We offer different levels of all classes: L1 (gentle), L2 (intermediate) and L3 (advanced). See our class timetable here.

A Clinical Exercise Assessment is required with one of our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists before starting classes or independent gym sessions. Your specific functional needs will be addressed in each class.

Classes can be attended via Zoom (Including Reformer, if you have a Reformer at home). Please notify us if you would like this option.

Classes can be purchased casually or as a package and are claimable from most Private Health Insurers.

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clinical exercise classes

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A class focusing on a series of movements incorporating core stability, strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and coordination using stability equipment and small apparatuses like foam rollers, balance discs, weighted balls, resistance bands and more.


Using a Pilates Reformer, these classes are based on core stability, strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, coordination and correct muscle engagement.

Semi Private Group

Follow your own individually tailored program supervised by a Physio or EP in a group of max. 3 people. Using evidence-based exercises, which can include the use of gym and Pilates studio equipment (Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair and Bosu).


Class times don't suit? Try Independent Gym sessions and book a time that works for you! See a therapist who will create a personalised gym program for you that utilises our Pilates studio and gym equipment..


GLA:D®, Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark, is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

Prenatal and Postnatal Classes

Our prenatal and postnatal class aim to keep you strong and active during your pregnancy and to prepare your body for childbirth and becoming a new mum.

Strong Bones

Designed specifically for people with osteoporosis and osteopenia (low bone density), this class focuses on exercises to safely improve bone density.

Strength for Life

Strength for Life is an evidence-based exercise program in the ACT, created to help people over the age of 50 (over 40 for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders) improve their physical strength and fitness at an affordable price.

Snow Fit

A 6- to 9-week program focusing on building strength and endurance for skiers and snowboarders. Prevent injuries and ski more!

Running Program

Get fit for running, prevent injuries and improve biomechanics.

*Initial Assessment and Classes are claimable from most Private Health Insurance Funds.

The APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) states that: “Physio sessions are a mixture of clinically appropriate exercises, which may include exercises delivered on Pilates equipment or exercises drawn from Pilates that target their particular needs. Physios deliver these exercises within an evidence-based and therapeutic framework, rather than purely for fitness.”

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Join us for Clinical Exercise at home

All the classes you know and love, plus a range of videos focusing on specific areas. We have classes for all levels – taught by physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and qualified Pilates instructors. Purchase a monthly subscription or purchase individual classes.