Telehealth for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

By Andrea Rich – Physiotherapist


Can I see a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist via Telehealth?

Yes! Physio is often thought of as a very hands-on service. However, there’s a lot we can do through online physio and exercise physiology (EP) appointments. Telehealth is a great way for people to access healthcare when they are otherwise unable, to ensure they are doing the right thing for their injury or condition.

Telehealth is a live video health appointment. Recent research suggests that Telehealth physio and EP can be as effective as an in-person appointment to treat a range of conditions. You will receive the same quality care through Telehealth physio and EP as you would with an in-person appointment. You can also claim private health and Medicare (TCA Plan) rebates for your Telehealth appointment. You will require a laptop, tablet or phone with a camera for the session so we can see you and you can see us.


What we can do via Telehealth at Higher Function Physio & Pilates 👩‍💻👨‍⚕️ : 

New and old injury assessments:

Most injuries and health conditions are suitable for Telehealth. We will initially ask you questions to be able to diagnose your injury, which can be done without hands-on assessment. We may also ask you to do some tests such as strength and range of motion to confirm our diagnosis.

As we cannot provide hands on treatment over Telehealth, we can help by teaching you ways to self-manage your pain, educate you about your injury or condition, identify aggravating factors, as well as provide a tailored exercise program until we can see you in the clinic again. We will also email your home program after the appointment.

Home exercise progressions and modifications:

If you are currently completing a home exercise program developed by your physio or EP and you are ready to progress or need modifications, we can do this over a Telehealth appointment. We can perform assessments to determine what we need to upgrade or modify and send you your new exercises via email.

New home programs:

We can develop a new program based on your situation. We can show you how to adapt your gym or Pilates program at home or provide you with exercises to prevent an injury if you are starting a new activity.

Clinical Exercise Assessments to start our virtual classes:

If you are interested in starting our online Clinical Exercise Classes (via Zoom), you will need to complete an assessment before starting. It is important for us to obtain a history of injuries or health conditions to address your specific functional needs in class.  This assessment can be done via Telehealth as we will discuss your health history and assess your strength, stability and balance.

Is it safe?:

Telehealth appointments are a safe way to receive health advice. We use a secure platform called Coviu, which allows secure video interactive access that requires no downloads or installing on your device. You will be sent an email confirmation for your appointment with instruction on how to access. If you need assistance accessing your appointment or are nervous about using technology, please call our friendly reception staff who are happy to help you as best as they are able.


We are open for face-to-face AND telehealth appointments

We are an essential service so will remain open for face-to face appointments throughout the lockdown. All of our staff are vaccinated. However, we also offer telehealth appointments for both physio and exercise physiology. Our Telehealth consultations will deliver the same exceptional level of care as our in-person sessions. Book an appointment with a physio or EP here.

We also offer Clinical Exercises classes via Zoom taught by our experienced physios and EPs. Join a Matwork, Golf Fit, Strong Bones, Strength for Life, GLA:D, Barre or Yoga class! Telehealth appointments and classes are claimable from most Private Health Insurers (not Barre or Yoga).

View our Lockdown Class Timetable

Telehealth Physiotherapy health service

If you have any questions regarding telehealth consultations or Zoom classes, please call us on 6262 9664

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