Lockdown Activities

How the Team at Higher Function Physio & Pilates are keeping busy this lockdown 🏃‍♂️🌞🏌🐶


While the options of regular activities in lockdown are limited due to restrictions, read what our staff have been up to and grab some inspiration to keep your body moving and mind working! We would also love to know what you have been up to in lockdown as we miss seeing your faces in the clinic!



I have been hiking up local Canberra mountains at night with a heavy backpack (full of our weighted balls and milk bottles full of water) with Nordic poles and with my partner. Black mountain tower looks amazing at night! I met my quintet near stage 88 for a socially distanced practice. I’ve also been picking fresh flowers from the garden to put into vases around my house.

canberra bike riding black mountain canberra orchestra gardening flowers



I’ve been joining in on our Zoom yoga classes on Saturday mornings, which has been a great way to set me up for the weekend (If you haven’t tried our Yoga yet, you can try your first class for free!). I’ve also been going to my local oval to do a weight workout with a friend as well as lake runs and playing tennis (badly lol) !

canberra tennis lake burley griffin canberra



I have just started some light interval runs! My goal is to get to 5km over the next couple of months. I’ve also been doing some puzzles at home; my favourite are pictures of nice scenery around the world.




I’ve been enjoying sewing some cute outfits like dresses for myself, and some pouches for rescued baby Joeys. I’ve also been enjoying car boot picnics with my partner now that the weather is warming up!

sewing girl in dress  joey pouch



I’ve been adding some running into my exercise routine around my local area. I also bought a piano and am having fun teaching myself how to play. I’ve also been on a training blitz with my puppy, with the 1st order of business being stability training!




I’ve been busy in my backyard garden making new vege patches and garden beds for springtime and paining our pergolas. The kids are loving joining in helping try shovel dirt and clean the deck! I’ve also been redesigning my kids epic toy room, building Koa a shop front/ice cream store!

gardening cubbyhouse vege garden



I have been training by trail running during lockdown to keep up my fitness and regular exercise routine.

trail running canberra



I’ve constructed a 9-hole golf course at my local oval (given closure of courses). We hit the ball to things like goal posts and light poles and have even made a score card. I’ve also been using my home gym set up to keep up with my exercise routine.

home gym workout golf course



I’ve been enjoying soaking up the sun in my backyard with my cat Willow and two foster dogs Gidget & Gracie and getting those odd jobs done around the house. I’ve also been enjoying playing The Sims game on my computer.

cat playing cat laying in sunshine



I’ve been busy with home schooling my kids, taking my dog Snowy on regular walks and celebrating kids’ lockdown birthdays.

maremma sheep dog


If you’d like to try something new this lockdown, try one of our Zoom classes! We offer Matwork, Strong Bones, Strength for Life, Golf Fit, Barre and Yoga. See our Lockdown Class Timetable here.


Remember, we’re all in this together! Stay safe, Stay healthy and stay active! 🍎🏃😄  .

If you or anyone you know is struggling, reach out and contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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